Kids or simple Henna Design

kids or simple henna designHands are a part of the body which are on show all of the time. Not everybody is blessed with naturally beautiful hands, with long fingers and perfect nails, this is where henna designs for hands can make a difference.

Henna is something that you can adorn your hands with and give you a traditional and at the same time stylish look. For a person who would like a more contemporary henna tattoo on their hands, then Arabic mehndi is ideal. It is a mix of traditional while at the same time incorporating a modern look, using a more linear design with a lot more space in between the pattern.

It is often suggested that if your natural nails are less than perfect, a set of acrylic nails can be applied. This is so that the design of your menhndi is displayed well and it looks the best it can possibly be.
Simple Mehndi Designs for Hands



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Henna tattoos are an increasingly popular form of body art in the western world and can often be seen on celebrities, as well as members of the general population. When people are considering a tattoo, particularly on their hand where it is highly visible, mehndi is an ideal option. It is not permanent, there is no pain involved and if you do decide that you don?t like the design, you can get rid of it and try out another one until you find a pattern that you like.

Most commonly, henna designs for hands are used for celebrations and weddings on the Indian sub continent. They are usually very intricately designed and can incorporate a variety of patterns. If you look closely at an the design on the hands of an Indian bride, you will find the name of the bride and groom interwoven in there. There is a lot of meaning that goes into mehndi designs for a bride, and it is said that the darker the color of the henna, the longer and happier the marriage will be. The fact that a deeper henna also means that the bride will be treated well by her mother in law, and that as long as she has the stain on her hands she will not need to do any housework at all, is a good reason for any new bride to aim for the darkest stain possible.

For anybody wanting a henna tattoo on their hands, it is advisable to get somebody else to do it for you, especially the first few times, as you want it to look it?s best. For those brave enough to try applying their artwork by themselves, there are stencils and henna kits available. At least if you get it done professionally, you can be sure that your very first henna design will look stunning and the end result is something that you are proud to show off.